Add support for textual quick action


Somebody know the quick action of gitlab ?

In fact typing your text you can set some attribute of a item.

What do you think, can be useful to add the same concept?

For example:
/estimate 2h30m => will set Time to 2h30muiutes automatically
/energy low => will set Energy to low
/due 2d => will set due date to 2 working day

have a nice day

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Very nice idea indeed, quite often is easier/faster to just type than using the mouse and making several clicks.

Everdo does a similar thing this via commands you can type at the end of the item’s title.
Those are the ones supported at this moment, but more will be added gradually:

command example
focus item :f
set time in minutes :t 10m
:t 10
set energy to High :e h
:e high
set energy to Medium :e m
:e med
set energy to Low :e l
:e low
set deadline for Today :d
set deadline n days in the future/past :d +5
:d 5
:d -1