Add task button not showing on iPad


I just noticed in the iPad that the green add button from the lower right corner is not available like in the iPhone.

I seem to remember that it was there, but maybe it never was.

The thing is, I’m coming back to everdo after half a year and now I’m not sure how I should add tasks in the iPad?

Is this a bug or a missing feature?

Version 1.6.9-1

The button should be there, in the bottom right corner. Could you please provide your iOS version, device model and maybe a screenshot of a screen where you expect the button to show up, just in case I notice something?

I think I know what is happening, the app is bigger than the viewport, and the top right buttons like search and the bottom right buttons like add are out of the screen, if I resize the window then it sort of readjusts but not completely right.

I don’t know what I did before that it fit properly, but then I closed and opened the app and had the same issue.

Os: 16.5.1 (c)

You can see here the buttons disappeared, you can see a bit of the search icon above.

After resizing the icon comes back but it is not properly positioned and it cuts off.

If you can please remove the screenshots once no longer useful. Not a lot of personal information in them but I rather not have them public :relieved:

Thank you, this is very helpful. It’s clear that the content is being clipped when the app is resized by the iOS stage manager feature.

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