After syncing notebooks are going

Good afternoon,

I am using everdo for a while now and it works for me.
I use it on my PC, Phone, and tablet and today I synced my laptop and now I have lost my notebooks.

Before I synced i deleted al the tutorial stuff and i am getting the following message:

Do you have enough information from me? Could u please help me resolve this?

Please make sure you don’t have more than 2 areas after syncing for the first time. Press “t” to review the list of your tags and remove the extra ones.

Regarding the notebooks, what seems to be the problem?

Hello Andrei,

Thanks for the quick response, I errased a area it now works again.

After seting up syncing with my laptop it erased my notes.
Before opening the app on my tablet I dissconnected it from the wifi and here i still got them and mailed them to myself so i can put them back.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what happened because I don’t know the specific steps and and other details. Normally an item gets removed from a device by sync only in two cases:

  1. It was removed on another device
  2. Pull and push operations can lead to loss of data (by design) if not considered carefully

Other that that, there are no known bugs that could lead to loss of data, and the syncing code hasn’t been touched in a while, so it’s pretty well tested.

However, the cases 1,2 are possible when setting up sync. For example, the tutorial items which are created when the app first starts have the same IDs on all devices. So if you rename a tutorial project or notebook and continue using it, there is risk of it being deleted after you remove tutorial items on another device.