Agenda / agendas view

What do you think about adding a dedicated Agenda list? Under such a list, we could have only items that are assigned with contacts that we want to discuss with particular contacts.
Currently these items we have to add to our Next list with a contact tag. As David Allen claims Agendas are specific types of actions so maybe they deserve their own list?

Probably I use the wrong place to suggest new functionality or changes. Sorry, but I hope they will not be lost.

If we consider agendas to be actions, then using Next and a contact tag seems like a good approach.
We could also use a notebook called Agendas. Create one note per person labelled with the appropriate contact tag. Use a checklist for agenda items.

The problem with contact tag is when you have 100+ contact, then your screen is full of contact tag for filtering…

Yes I can imagine it can be very bothering. I try to avoid situations when I have active more than 10 contacts tags.

Maybe have a button “contact” to trigger search for contact instead of displaying all of them.

For now, I only use “#client” because of that :frowning: