"All" Tasks view

I want a view where I can see all projects, notes, and tasks in a single view. It is possible in MyLifeOrganized and OmniFocus.

It’s difficult to make a convincing argument for why this is needed, because it’s probably partly psychological. The calm of being able to see the big picture. Being able to see the status of every project. During review it’s possible to click on each individual project, review, then click on the next. That sounds sufficient. But for some reason it isn’t.

There is the “Projects” list, which is almost there, but it doesn’t include tasks under the project! (Although it does include project notes, which is very nice).

See the screenshot of what I’m thinking of.

Some might see this as unneeded or low priority, but for some people I think it helps put the “trusted” in “truted system.”


So basically you would like a list of projects with all sub-tasks displayed?

So basically you would like a list of projects with all sub-tasks displayed?

Exactly. That is a much more succinct way to phrase it. :slight_smile:

Here is what can be done.

We already have an “All” list - you can click “All” label under Tags and view every non-archived item which exists is in the current area.

The problem with this view is that it doesn’t group items by project/notebook.

To improve this, we can add a view switch that will change how the items are presented (grouped/ungrouped).

This can work for other lists as well, not just “All”.

What do you think?

Sounds great! It’s nice it would be able to be used in other lists, too! Would it work in the starred focus/today view as well?

I don’t see why it would not work.

hello is this implemented i want to see all my todos in one view sorted by date added and so it shows what project the task/todo belong to

kind regars


I believe the original request has been implemented a while ago.

In the navigation section on the left, select the “All” label. Then enable grouping by project.

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I tried this. Now my question: How can I go back from this view to where I was before? Nothing happens when I click the “All”-label again.

Go back where? If you are in “All” then you can press Backspace and go back to the previous view. Changing the view grouping type doesn’t count as navigation, so it will not “go back”.

I’m probably not getting the question though :slight_smile:

Backspace is what I am looking for^^ Thanks!

hello is possible also for android??

kind regars

hello i found it

i press tags > tap filter > then same view come up


Hello, I have to say that I am happy to have found your software. I love it so far! I bought my iPad to do artwork and handle tasks. I say that so you know I am new to the iPad as well.
I am doing home renovations so I have projects by room. Then I have mostly sequential tasks below each one. All is well until I need to see all that I need a contractor to work on. I want an “All” view and then filter on “Contractors”. So I can ask the person on the phone if they also do flooring as well as tiling?
Also all tasks that are less than 15 min. So I can take care of them before there sequence if possible.
I thought Context was the answer but itonly showed a few not everything.
Thanks very much!
On the iPad - Is there a way?

Hello! Unfortunately the “all” view is only available in the desktop app. You normally wouldn’t run into this issue, since the Next list is sufficient to view actionable items and filter them. However in your case it seems to not be enough. I’m not sure how to work around this, apart from making the projects parallel and using Next, of course.

No. You are right! The way that Everdo forces the user to constantly rely on memory and switch back and forth between different lists Focus/scheduled/next is extremely stressful. It is not elegant UX .

Meanwhile I want to mention that most of Everdo IS INDEED elegant and it remains on my list of best 10 most well designed favorite to use apps.

That being said, this is a point where it does not shine with perfect polish.

This is where Todoist and Quire get some points. I can see all of my projects and tasks scheduled or not, all in a single view and filter and manage everything there.

In Everdo tasks that I had created in “scheduled” suddenly get removed from there and popped into “Focus-list” and then their start date is ripped away without my consent. I need to know that I started a task one week ago. That gives me an understanding of my orientation in time!

The way things are now IS VERY DISORIENTING and forces the user to hold tasks in our human memory and do a lot of calculation there. This is fine for people like Andrei who are programmers and do this easily. But this is not clever UX at all.

The focus list should be renamed to the “dashboard” and then the user has the ability to create their own focus list inside of the manage list.

Listen! calling something a Focus List makes absolutely no sense since any context at any time IS MY FOCUS LIST.

We needed a manage list which has EVERYTHING! ALL TASKS scheduled or not and all projects scheduled or not.

Then inside of their we get to what is in focus by using clever filtering and sorting.

Quire and Todoist do this painlessly. And for good reason. It is elegant UX.

I cannot say it enough. I prefer Everdo to Todoist and Quire for several reasons. I left both of them for Everdo and Quire is a free service. I did not leave because Everdo has a better UX. I left for other reasons.

But I vote that we change the name of Focus list to “Dashboard” and then allow it to include ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING inside that list and leave it up to the user to adjust the filters as we like in order to get to OUR OWN idea of “FOCUS”


another thing I found odd.

When using Everdo, I have found that the done checklist has become somewhat meaningless for me, and I have begun to use the STAR instead of it. It seems like that is odd. I do believe that long time users of Everdo will begin to do things that way.

I recommend for new users to understand Everdo better, there are a couple of tips I would give them in the state of the software as it works currently.

  1. stop using “check box”, use the “star” instead.
  2. don’t use “due date”, use “start date” instead.
  3. don’t use “reminders”, use “due date” instead.
  4. want a daily nag every 24h, use a “reminder”

and that is just a start.

Could renaming these things be helpful?

Oh My Gosh! I found it!!! I found the Everdo Dashboard for ALL THINGS!!!

go to the TAGS section on the left panel.
Click on “ALL” .

As long as the object has a tag on it, it will show up here!!!
This is amazing! This is my new Dashboard area!
So stoked!

Unfortunately it does not have the ability to sort by start-time and since start-times get deleted once a task starts, there is no way to meaningfully sort by start time.

It is always one thing or the other I guess. Perfection is always just out of reach.

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