Alternative PaymentMethod

Hello Team,
First: Great App! exactly that i am looking for! Desktop (win und Linux), small Andoird App, local without a cloud service from the distributor. perfekt!
The price is correct for an lifetime licence for one person (1 person an X devices!)
my only problem: could you have an paypal Account? I dont want to transfer money to you over credit card :frowning:
i know paypal costs money… but so you have the credit card information on your servers or an payment provider. could it be an solution to say: 69,99€ for payment over creditcard and 72€ by paypment over paypal?

so: i would buy this software, but not so… sorry
finally: its great! first i hat some problems with paraell and sequence projects … not problems in the app only brain problems :slight_smile: but now its great


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