Android App - Open Beta


Hi. Just to note the new release of the Android app as at 10 November crashes on sync (the 8 November log notes it fixes a sync bug). This is on a Pixel 2XL running latest Android. The prior version worked beautifully.


Is there a way to roll-back to the previous apk, as this one up on Play now doesn’t work at all - sync immediately crashes.


This bug has just been fixed. Please upgrade. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!


I think it isn’t possible to set a contact when the task is in the waiting list, I would be helpful add this feature.


Yes, definitely missing at this moment.


Hi there!
First of all huge congrats on the app I love it, I’ve been searching for a GTD app for ages and now I can say that I have found THE ONE.

I’m having ussies to sync with my android phone and PC. My pc shows an error in the sync tab, it says: sync status unknown what can I do?


Hello! Have you followed the steps outlined here?


Hello! Please make a black theme of the application interface.


As a mobile user, I would like to collapse or expand action item detail in the Android app so that I can make optimal use of limited screen space. Thanks!