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Hi. Just to note the new release of the Android app as at 10 November crashes on sync (the 8 November log notes it fixes a sync bug). This is on a Pixel 2XL running latest Android. The prior version worked beautifully.

Is there a way to roll-back to the previous apk, as this one up on Play now doesn’t work at all - sync immediately crashes.

This bug has just been fixed. Please upgrade. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!

I think it isn’t possible to set a contact when the task is in the waiting list, I would be helpful add this feature.

Yes, definitely missing at this moment.

Hi there!
First of all huge congrats on the app I love it, I’ve been searching for a GTD app for ages and now I can say that I have found THE ONE.

I’m having ussies to sync with my android phone and PC. My pc shows an error in the sync tab, it says: sync status unknown what can I do?

Hello! Have you followed the steps outlined here?

Hello! Please make a black theme of the application interface.


As a mobile user, I would like to collapse or expand action item detail in the Android app so that I can make optimal use of limited screen space. Thanks!

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Added the button to collapse/expand item details.


Could you please make the design of the application in the style of the updated Material Design (or Material Design 2.0)? Examples of applications with updated design: Google Keep, Google Contacts, Google News, Android Messages, Google Fit, Solid Explorer, Google Photos, Google Maps.

Is there anything specific that you find lacking? When I look at the Gmail app, I don’t really see much difference in terms of design. I not a designer of course :slight_smile:

I just like Material Design 2.0. And in Gmail, Google has not yet made a redesign. But in these applications, an updated Material Design (or Material Design 2.0) has already been made: Google Keep, Google Contacts, Google News, Android Messages, Google Fit, Solid Explorer, Google Photos, Google Maps.

I mentioned Gmail because it’s an app that kind of has similar features to Everdo at least visually.

It’s just that none of the apps on your list seem to be similar to Everdo, which makes it difficult for me to understand what exactly the difference should be, based on these examples.

Then look at Google Tasks.

Google is just starting to update Gmail.


I can’t asign a contact to “Waiting” item.
Please have a look at the screenshot.

Many thanks for your help. Rgds. J.


At the Android app y can change due dates but I don’t find a way to eliminate due dates.
¿I’m I missing something or is it a bug?

Many thanks.

@joaquin, Moved your posts to this topic, as the things you mention are missing features in the beta app, which probably won’t require much discussion :slight_smile: They will be added as soon as possible. Thanks for feedback!

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I will look into this.