Android: Autocorrect does not work correctly in item description

I noticed when I’m typing something in the app and I make a mistake I can instantly correct it with no problems. But when I type a few more words and want to correct the wrong one, the dropdown menue appears but i can’t select them…
I don’t know, if this is a Problem with the app or with my phone (Android version 8.0.0). I just wanted to mention it.

Still enjoying everdo! Keep up the good work!

Not sure what that dropdown is. Do you mean the bar with typing suggestions on top of the keyboard?

Does this happen with other apps?

Are you using the standard google keyboard?

I’ve noticed this issue as well recently

The dropdown menu that I think Rabbit is referring to, is shown in the screenshot at the bottom.

I’m not quite sure what it’s called, but seems to be a feature on android that’s not specific to any keyboard, as it’s identical when I tried it with two different ones.

Another thing I also noticed from testing, was that I was able to select the items from the dropdown when the error was in the Title field, but when the dropdown was related with the description field I wasn’t able to select any of the options besides the “Add to dictionary”.

For reference, I’m currently running Android 8.1.0 with LineageOS.
The keyboards I tested with was “Simple Keyboard” and “AnySoftKeyboard”

Sorry, I was busy to take a screenshot. Thanks! This is exactly what I noticed.
I’m running Android 8.0.0 and the standard Samsung Keyboard.

Thanks for the info, this will help a lot.

This feature is so weird. This drop-down simply never appears on any of the testing devices or emulators! The only way I could make it appear is by using an Android 4.1 phone.