Android: Button covers end of text

I noticed, that the big green button is always covering the end of my text in “note or description”. It’s quite complicated, when you want to add something at the end of your text, thats behind this button… Maybe the button at the top right is enough?

Could you please attach a screenshot just to be sure? I’m guessing this happens when the phone screen is small and the text is long.

Here is only one example, i copied some parts from a website for this task:

It always happens when the text goes over the whole screenwidth. I’m using a Samsung A5…

OK I got it now, thank you.

I have the same issue when being in the next section in the app. I cannot star the last item because it is covered by the ‘+’-sign. Maybe the issue can be solved by allowing the task list to scroll a bit further, i.e. to add a litte white space at the end of the next list?

Agreed, the lists should definitely be scrollable past last item.