Android: Editing area tag crashes everdo

This seems to happen when an area tag gets edited after it is synced. I did a clean pull on android, so that the database is the same as on desktop.

When editing a regular tag, it does not crash. When I edit a synced area tag, it crashes. When I change a tag on Android to an area tag, I can edit it without problem.

On my desktop app (latest early release), I added the area tag and colored it yellow. Not sure if that is significant but the tag is not yellow on Android.

See google drive video link for the sequence what makes it crash. The database is clean it contains only one next item and one project. The tag was assigned to the project, but it also happened after re-adding it and not assigning it to all.

  1. Make tag in 1.7.3 as an area
  2. Sync on android (clean pull)
  3. Go to tags
  4. Edit the area tag by long press
  5. Boom.


Addendum, adding a second non-colored area tag I could edit without a problem. So it seems to be related to the color state.
I changed the new area tag to green, synced and the color state is not synced to the desktop.

The newly added tag does not retain it’s color, but it does not crash. The color on the android device seems to sometimes pick up the color set by Everdo Desktop, but not he other way around. So there is something funky going on there.

The one “family” tag seems to keep crashing, so I do not rule out it is related to it being the first tag that was synced.

Addendum 2- Also got it to crash by syncing an area tag while the android app was in the edit view of the tags, while I was on the desktop, adding a new area tag. It seems that adding a colored area tag on desktop, and then a sync happens, corrupts the tag on android and it cannot be edited.