Android How to only see focused next actions

I couldn’t find a way to just show focused next actions on Android. Any ideas?
The group by type feature of the desktop app would really come in handy here.

If you go into the menu (the three bars) in the top left you can select Focus from there and it will give you a list of all focused items.

I just want to see the next actions. This list shows everything mixed up: projects, waiting for and next actions…
Either the group by type or a filter would help.
I’m surprised that there isn’t a filter available for that.

That’s weird because when I go to the focus list on my phone it works the same as the focus list on my desktop and only shows me what I have starred.

If you have stuff that’s not a next action starred I don’t think there is a way to exclude them in any version of the app without using tags.

Just wondering, don’t you ever star other things than next actions?
I have stared a note with my daily checklist, waiting for’s that are due, projects that I want to focus on.

On desktop that’s no problem because I can group by type, but on smartphone it’s a mess.

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The only projects I ever have starred are the ones that have reached their due date and haven’t been completed yet. My daily checklist I have as a recurring task that I check off when I’m done each day. If something I’m waiting for has a due date I set a date on the the task as a reminder to follow up on it.

I’m one of those people who don’t like anything in my focus list that’s not something I"m working on at that moment.

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I’d love to have that kind of a crystal-clear and focused GTD setup.
But honestly I don’t know how to get there.
I think I’m to often in the crazy maker mode and GTD is there to keep me sane.