Android, optimize project drop down

When assigning a project to an item, it would be useful if the 3 latest used or created projects would be on top of the drop down .

For now, I think it would really help to order the options in the drop down in the same way as they are ordered in the navigation section. This way the same projects that are at the top of the navigation section will be on top in the parent drop-down.
Then I was thinking it would be nice to have some sort of an optional quick search box to find the project easier.
I don’t know if having the last n projects at the top is a good solution because their position will always change and be unpredictable.

The quick search is needed either way, because all projects are shown there, even the someday project. The listnis quite long in my case.

Consider following use case.
I 'm processing an item. It needs to be a project. But because of the items contents I do not want to convert it to a project. So I go to the project section add a new one, return to the inbox and assign the newly created project.

Other ideas: optinaly sort projects in the drop down by create or last edit or last touch date.

This is a good case. I think the redesign of the project selection dialog will be done in one go, so we can consider every way of making it better, including search, ordering, recents.

Since I do more of my process on my phone, this one really annoys me every day.
News? Plans?