Android: scheduling settings get reset when you set a start date

I noticed that following doesn’t work in the mobile app, when you scheduling an item:

  1. Choose repeating
  2. Change start day

In this order the repeating settings get deleted… The other way around works fine!

I assume you are setting the start date from the root editor. There’s a bit of a confusing UI at the moment. When you set the start date from the editor, what it’s actually meant to do is to convert the action from repeating back to non-repeating (while setting the start date). In order to just set the start date in a repeating item, there’s a separate input on the repeating settings form (just like in the desktop app).

I recognize this is isn’t the best design. The newer iOS app design differs in a way that hopefully avoids this confusion. Eventually this change should make it’s way to Android.

thanks, i got it! I overlooked the start date in the repeating settings…