Android: "Waiting For" number of days incorrect

On the PC the number of days a task has been waiting for is correct, but on Android it is not. I have attached screenshots. For example Task 1 has been waiting for 28 days (correct) but on Android it claims “11 day”. Note also the typo there, no pluralization of “days” as opposed to Task 3 where on Android it says “9 days” (correct plural) and where 9 days is in fact correct. Other tasks (Task 2, Task 4) display no days whatsoever on Android.

I’m using ESS and yesterday purchased and activated the “Pro” key. But the issue existed before and is still there afterwards. On a second desktop PC the dates are displayed correctly so the issue only affects Android.

Desktop: Ubuntu Linux 20.04 with Everdo 1.7.7 (snap)
Phone: Android 10 with Everdo 1.6-7

Desktop PC

Android phone

This is quite strange I will definitely look into this.

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