Any chance to get the RPM release back?

I use Everdo on Fedora, and the switch to AppImage has been somewhat painful.

The main issue is that there is no integration with the Gnome desktop. For example, I can no longer add an Everdo icon to my dock or launch Everdo via Gnome’s search bar. The only way to launch Everdo is either from the terminal or by navigating to the AppImage file in Nautilus.

I found this post, which helpfully explains how to restore this functionality by installing AppImageLauncher. However, AppImageLauncher is not in Fedora’s repositories, so this creates an external dependency that I need to keep track of and actively manage, which is obviously a hassle.

Also, AppImageLauncher seems to be a third-party solution. The AppImage project’s official solution to this problem was appimaged, but that has been deprecated with no stable solution in its place.

I like the idea of AppImages (this concept works great on macOS), but it just doesn’t seem to be ready for prime time yet. The old RPM version of Everdo was a much more seamless experience.

(Edit: minor tweak for clarity.)

The AppImage version also seems to start up much slower than the RPM version, but I don’t have actual numbers on that, and I don’t know if it was caused by the switch to AppImage or some other change.

I take .pacman, rename to .xz, unpack to .tar and extract to /opt and /usr. And I have the app in KDE. Probably you can add “launcher” and then choose the icon from /usr/share/icons.
On the next update you just remove /opt/Everdo and copy new version (with “mc” :wink: ) and fix “chrome-sandbox” ownership.

$ cat /usr/share/applications/everdo.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/opt/Everdo/everdo %U
Comment=The Perfect App for GTD / Getting Things Done

Thanks very much for the workaround, but I think managing the external dependency is preferable to manually extracting and managing the installation that way! (Obviously the old RPM would still be my first choice.)

There are plans to try using Flatpak for app distribution in the near future. I think that should make managing the app easier across a number of Linux distributions, including Fedora.

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Excellent. I assume that Everdo could then also be updated from the command line with my other Flatpaks. If so, that’s even better than the RPM solution. Flatpak is one of the “official” ways to manage applications on Fedora and works great. Thanks!

Just a brief note for anyone coming across this in the future: AppImageLauncher works great and is worth installing even if Everdo is your only AppImage. Only drawback vs. the old RPM release is no app icon when launched through AppImageLauncher, for some reason.