Any "long-term" users of Everdo here? Currently testing it, but would love to hear some thoughts from others


I have now used that app for a bit and I’m considering actually buying the app since I quite like it. However, I would love to hear if there are some other users of the app here.

  • What do you feel is the cons of the app?
  • What are the pros?

Because I feel like it works really well for my workflow (especially being one of few apps with a desktop version for Linux). But since I haven’t tried it for more than 5 projects (as you need to buy it to be allowed more) I feel like I haven’t been able to give it a full evalution. Any users here who can write their impressions?

My current biggest negative is honestly the missing dark-mode. :smiley: But that is probably a very personal thing. I just really think it sticks in my eyes when all apps I use are in dark-mode and then this one just pops with it’s super light colors. :smiley:


  • is conformed to the GTD principles and basic workflow.
  • has a very clean and slick interface
  • is stable and fast
  • has only useful features, no gadgets
  • is multiplatform
  • is focused on privacy
  • has absolutely outstanding roadmap
  • has great support with a quick reaction in case of any trouble
  • users have a real impact on how it works and looks


  • users always want faster development :slight_smile:

It looks like app is perfect. Of course, it’s not perfect but most things that I normally consider as cons are planned to be solved/added in the future versions. That is why I don’t include them here.

There is one more thing. Price and one-time payment model.
I’m torn between whether it is plus or minus.
Everdo is rather cheap in comparison to other to-do apps. Maybe because others force us to pay for useless gadgets?
Other thing is that we want Everdo to be a sustainable and longlasting product. I think there should be a payment after every major version like v1, v2, v3, etc.

I can see Everdo as number one among GTD users at some point in the future.



  • Sometimes the scheduled tasks take some time to trigger when you first open the app in the morning. I think this is an iOS app thing only
  • I have a love-hate relationship with the Focus section. Nothing in particular wrong with it, but it just doesn’t fully work for me.


  • Privacy: I can sync my devices using my local network
  • Development focused in doing one thing really well - a GTD tool.
  • Supported on all my devices (I’m using the iOS & Windows version)
  • Single payment - no monthly subscription model. I’m willing to pay for updates (I choose if I want to upgrade or not), but I don’t want yet another monthly subscription. Also you can purchase one license that works on all devices you use
  • Support - any time I’ve had an issue Andrei has been there to help me solve it
  • In-line commands
  • Simple app

As you can see, the cons are really minor for me.
If a dark mode was available I’d use it as well, but it’s not something that worries me much.


I just want to add that the way @Andrei is communicating with the community is just role model like. No bells and whistles, straight, authentic and he is brave enough to say “no” when requests are not matching his vision for everdo.
Although I believe he is open for change if there are reasonable and convincing reasons.
This is really an important aspect, you just know what to expect from everdos future. At least that’s what my experience was in the last 12 months or so.
He always kept his promises or was openly communicating when things got delayed.