Application Crash after macOS sleep


Everdo crashes after my MacBook wakes up from sleep.
The attached Error Message pops up.

Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 09.03.58

When clicking OK it pops up again and again. It only goes away, when using ‘Force Quit’ and restarting the Application again.

Everdo Version: 1.7.7
OS-Version: macOS 12.4 on a M1 Pro CPU

Could you please try the more recent version?

Ah, i didn’t know there was a new one.
I tried, and so far it does not occur again.
I’ll observe if it will happen again.


Edit: The Filename seems wrong. it tries to download it as Everdo-1.7.8 with the .8 as Fileextension. After renaming it to .dmg it is installable.

I’m glad it works so far.

Thank you for reporting this. What browser are you using?

Hi, Sorry for the Late response.

I’m using Firefox 102.0.1. I could verify that it works with Safari