Application specific URI coming to android?


I am using obsidian (same goes for Evernote) but it uses an URI to open pages. I believe this is recently supported in Everdo desktop.

The URI looks like;


This works in Todoist and it opens obsidian. However in Everdo Android this becomes an unclickable link.

Are there any plans of supporting these URI?

Use case is reference to project material of support material to complete the task.

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Can confirm it works in the current desktop version (1.5.8) but not yet in Android. Might in fact become interesting once there is an Obsidian mobile version and a way to sync Obsidian notes.

Hi @Cito I can confirm that it works on obsidian mobile. I am an insider and I am trial using Obsidian Mobile for about 3 weeks now. So it would be awesome if Everdo also supports this on Android. But like I said the same goes for an Evernote link, which opens the Evernote application. Oh and I use Obsidian Sync which is close to Everdo’s sync. Encrypted and private between devices.

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Hi @Andrei is there any prognosis on this? It is kind of crucial to link to reference material outside of Everdo, and both Evernote and Obidian use application specific URI’s.


Will add to the scope to investigate soon.

I attempted a quick change to make the non-https links recognized in the Android app. It should become available in testing soon. I tested it with Evernote links and it seems to work, but I don’t have Obsidian mobile to verify that it also works.

Hi Andrei, thanks for testing when my beta updates I will check it out!

It should be available already, version 1.2.19 (verify in settings).