Application turns White when Drag'n'Drop Projects onto itself


Version: 1.5.14

Everytime I open Everdo on Mac, the Applicationwindow Turns White after about 5 to 10 Seconds.
It started just after i tried to Drag and Drop a Waiting Project onto the Project itself, because i confused it with an Standalone Task. But i am not sure if this is the Problem or if its something else.


Workarround: Be fast enough to Delete the corresponding Project and empty the Trash afterwards.

You can Reproduce it as follows:
Create A Project in Waiting → Drag the Waiting Project onto itself in the Project Tab → Windows Turns White

It also happens when the Project is in Scheduled or Someday

I guess you need to implement a check in the Drag/Drop Routine so that a Project cannot reference itself or something in this direction.

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Thanks for the detailed report! There seems to be a missing check indeed.