Apply the current area when converting from Inbox to Next/Waiting/etc

I use Everdo with Work and Home areas. On my work computer, I always filter by the Work area.

When I’m processing my Inbox, I often convert simple items straight to Next actions. I.e. I click on the Inbox item, change it to Next (or Waiting), tidy up the title and click Save.

It would be great if the current area (i.e. Work) is automatically added when I move an item out of the Inbox into Next, Waiting, etc. I keep forgetting to manually add my area, so it leaves me feeling like items have disappeared when I’ve processed them.

Hope that makes sense.

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I understand what you mean. However, since the Inbox is shared across all areas, it should be easy to process every inbox item regardless of which area is currently selected. This would be hindered by the current area being automatically assigned as per your suggestion. So when processing the inbox you would either have to switch to “All Areas” or pay extra attention so that the current area doesn’t get assigned where it shouldn’t be. Hope this makes sense.

The right choice here will depend on how most people process their inbox. I tend to process my inbox with respect to a particular area. I.e. at work, I only process inbox items related to work.

Perhaps this could be a setting in the configuration? You could default to the current behaviour, but allow people to enable this auto-tagging behaviour?

I’m constantly scared that I’m missing things due to this. Every time I forgot to add the Work tag, things “vanish” from my Everdo. (I realise they don’t actually vanish, but I keep my work PC focused on my Work area only, so they disappear from view).

I have the exact same “problem”, missing a task because I forgot the area when processing work’s tasks.
This kind of option would be awesome as it will avoid tagging all tasks one by one when I’m processing my inbox.