Areas, Contacts and tags

I’m new so please treat me gently :wink:

I am struggling with the differences between areas, contacts and tags. Tags I understand but I can’t quite see why you would change a tag into an area or a contact as the functionality seems identical. I can’t help thinking that I’m missing something fundamental. Anything by way of explanation or examples of how to use the three different types of tags would be most welcome.



Hello and welcome :wink:

This can be a bit overwhelming at first.

An area allows you to filter things globally - it will appear in the area filter drop-down menu at the top bar. If you select an area there, you will only see items tagged with that area.

A contact is like a tag, but it’s used to specify a person in tasks with “waiting” status. Until you start using the “waiting” list, you don’t need to worry about contacts.

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Thanks for the explanation. I had a play over the weekend and managed to figure out the difference. What would be nice though is if tags, areas and contacts had separate headings in the left-hand selection panel. I’m using tags for different aspects of my work - admin, scheduled maintenance, faults, etc. If I also use areas and contacts, which I could see myself doing, at the moment these just get mixed in the tags and hence clutter up the selection between the aspects of my work. Of course, there probably a very good reason why you have kept them all together :wink:



It’s because in the context of left pane navigation, there’s no difference whether a tag is a label, or area, or contact. I mean the effect by clicking on a tag is the same regardless of it’s type.

I personally make areas start with a capital letter to make them stand out a bit more just in case, but I don’t know If it’s even necessary.

The way I see it, areas and contacts are present in the unified list of tags just for completeness, and normally you would simply select an area at the top and not in the navigation pane. Contacts are most useful to filter the Waiting list, which is done in the filter bar at the top of the item list.