(authenticated) proxy for ESS?


Hi Everdoists!

Is there any option to set an (authenticated) proxy for the Everdo Encrypted Sync Service on WIndows? Everdo doesn’t seem to pick up Windows’ proxy settings.

greetz, Henry


You are right. There’s no way to specify a proxy for the moment, but it will be added soon.

The settings will be via configuration. For technical reasons there’s no good way to detect system proxy settings.


Thank you very much for the response and explanation!

You got a rough timeline for this (this year, this month)? Because I can’t use Everdo withouth the proxy capability and would like to know how long to plan without Everdo, as I’ll surely will use it finally.


Should be within a month. Probably sooner. Finalizing ESS-related stuff is the priority at the moment.


wohoo! Thats great to hear