(authenticated) proxy for ESS?

Hi Everdoists!

Is there any option to set an (authenticated) proxy for the Everdo Encrypted Sync Service on WIndows? Everdo doesn’t seem to pick up Windows’ proxy settings.

greetz, Henry

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You are right. There’s no way to specify a proxy for the moment, but it will be added soon.

The settings will be via configuration. For technical reasons there’s no good way to detect system proxy settings.

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Thank you very much for the response and explanation!

You got a rough timeline for this (this year, this month)? Because I can’t use Everdo withouth the proxy capability and would like to know how long to plan without Everdo, as I’ll surely will use it finally.

Should be within a month. Probably sooner. Finalizing ESS-related stuff is the priority at the moment.


wohoo! Thats great to hear

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Hi Andrei,

I am behind a corporate proxy while at work. I setup an env variable PROXY as stated in the Everdo user manual. However, I’m still seeing a “communication error” in the sync settings dialog.

I’m not sure whether Everdo is even reading the env variable. I think it would be helpful for Everdo to have a section in the dialog stating what proxy was read from the env variable. Optionally, you could allow the user to override it, or turn it on and off. What do you think?


PS: Just started using this app a few days ago and I’m loving it so far!

Is it possible to use proxies, that authenticate by NTLM?

That would indeed be helpful to make sure the setting is passed correctly. I will try including this in the next update.

Not in the current version. Unfortunately this would require additional development, so unless there’s more demand, this probably won’t be added soon.

Hi @Andrei, is there any update on progress regarding the authenticated proxy setting for ESS?
I’m eagerly awaiting this feature so I can use the client at work

Have you tried setting an environment variable, as per documentation?

Proxy Server settings

To tell Everdo to use a proxy server for ESS calls, set up an environment variable named PROXY . It should specify the address of your proxy server, for example https://user:password@

I did in fact try this.
it does not work - my assumption is that some special characters in the password might prevent correct parsing of the proxy setting

Thanks for this info. I will definitely include a fix in the upcoming update.

Awesome! Do you have a timeframe for the 1.2.18 release yet?

The update is in testing now, so it should come out soon. As for this specific issue, it will be possible to specify proxy in the configuration file as opposed to the environment variable. Also the proxy will be visible in the settings UI.

Awesome! That’s how I imagined it would work best :+1:

If you need (now or in the future) beta testers I’m sure we will help:)

what about the feature for Sync to deal with company proxy? Couldn’t find a function in Everdo by now…

Please take a look here Encrypted Sync Service | Everdo Help