Auto-capitalize and auto-correct on Android

I’m wondering if there is a reason why these features are not implemented on Android? I’m not sure what tools you are using, but I know with React Native there is a property that the TextInput takes that determines whether it will auto correct text and when to capitalize.

Unless there is something I’m missing?

I was able to confirm that these features work on other apps.

I could not confirm this behaviour. Isn’t this depending on the keyboard you use?

@Tycholiz I believe these feature are indeed keyboard features. For example, on my phone the default keyboard is gboard and both capitalization and auto-correct work (if enabled in gboard settings). I have also compared the behavior to some other apps on my phone and it works the same.

Hmm, this is very interesting. I’ve confirmed that the Gboard settings are “auto-capitalize” and “auto-correction”, and this works perfectly well in other apps. It is just Everdo where this doesn’t work properly. It’s interesting that others do not have the same issue.

Any idea where to start looking for debugging this? (I never realized what a bad phone typer I was until auto-correct left me) :grimacing:

Might depend on Android version. Which one do you have?