"Bad Key" returned when importing Pro Key on Android

Hello, I tried to import my Pro Key. It worked fine with my Linux app. But I received “Bad Key” note on both Android devices (phone, tablet).

I downloaded key again, reboot devices, but nothing changed. Any idea?
Thank you in advance.

Please send me some information to identify your key, for example the email address it was delivered to. Then I can see what’s going on. Send to andrei@everdo.net or via PM to avoid sharing publicly.

This error is caused by corrupted or simply wrong key file being imported. If the key works on your PC, then it should be valid. Now somehow it got corrupted by transfer to the phone.

How did you transfer the key to the android devices?
Direct download from email or something else? Are you sure you are importing the same file as you did on Linux?

Hello, I forwarded original email with key.

I have downloaded key from original email to every device. All devices has access to it through IMAP protocol.

Thanks! Indeed there is something wrong with the file. I have generated a replacement for you, which should arrive by email shortly.

unfortunately, I see the same behaviour with the new key.
I tried:

  • import original key;
  • download original key again and import it again;
  • download a new received spare key and import it;
  • reboot devices several times;
  • uninstall, reboot and install app again;
  • different Launcher.

At any time I receive only “Bad Key” reply.

Both devices are Huawei. Tablet is with Android 7.0. Phone runs on Android 8.0.
If you have any other idea or if you need more information, just let me know.

This is getting too weird now. I have tested the original key and it indeed didn’t work. But I have also tested the replacement twice and it did work. Are you absolutely sure you imported the new key and not accidentally used the old one?

I will be looking into other ways to diagnose the problem.

So, I have done some actions.
At first I removed both keys from my tablet. After that I downloaded second received (“spare”) key and tried to import it. Negative result. Bad key message received.
Then I encouraged myself to do a factory reset of that tablet. It does not help, I received “Bad Key” message again.
Finally, I took my old Nexus 5 phone and I installed app and add Pro Key without any problem.

I do not know what is wrong, but it seems that Pro Key does not work with Huawei phone and tablet. Is there any other owner, who can confirm it?

i don’t have Huawei devices, my key is good for my Oneplus phone.
also no problem for windows platform.
didn’t try linux or mac yet.


Thank you for going through those steps. This is great info. It may indeed be a problem with a specific device firmware. I’m looking for a way to diagnose diagnose and resolve this.

I’m using a Huawei phone and was able to import the key without issues.

I have added some debugging code to the Android app and I will send you the diagnostics steps via email.

So far I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem on any Android version of the emulator or the available hardware devices.

I am back at home. So, I just took a flash memory stick with a micro USB and tried to transfer PRO Key from my laptop. It worked on both Huawei devices.
I have no idea, why download of file directly from my IMAP account do not work.

Thank you for your support!

Glad it finally worked!

From the logs you’ve sent I concluded that something modifies the key file in the process of it being downloaded / opened because the filename is not the same as the original email attachment sent by order fulfillment.

It probably depends on the email app used to download the file. For example some program might add it to cloud storage instead of saving to downloads or something like that. I’m not sure why that might be harmful, but it certainly prevent further debugging as we can’t even see the original filename in the logs.

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I experienced the same problem. Pro key file worked perfectly on Linux and Windows, did not work on android. I used the same mail that I received on my PC. Tried several times downloading it with the same result → bad key.

I did then transfer the file manually from my PC to the phone via cable connection and violà - it worked.
I use GMail as mail client so I assume that some changes are applied to the file during download procedure. However, this behavior should be reproducible if GMail is the problem. Maybe it is worth some testing.

A different way to transfer the key to the device is definitely something to try when an issue like this occurs. For example copying the file directly in the filesystem or using a file sharing service.

I’m not sure how, but for some users and email clients the key file doesn’t open in Android because it gets corrupted somehow when being downloaded.