Badge countdown

I’m on iOS, and I would love a way for the badge icon on the app to show the remaining number of items on my “next action” list. Maybe that’s bad form GTD-wise, but at least having the option would be nice. Maybe have another option to have the badge just show items that are scheduled for today. Also would love an iOS widget so I can see my next action list quickly.

I’m wondering why Next and not Inbox or maybe Focus? When I think about it, I would probably find these more useful. Inbox count would also be consistent with how the mail app works, which is nice.
In other words, we are supported to keep Inbox empty, but we shouldn’t care about the size of Next. What do you think?

In person I found that badges with numbers cause additional anxiety and stress:)

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In person I found that badges with numbers cause additional anxiety and stress:)

ohh yes… please no numbers at boxes… i hate all these “you must do this now!” … at inbox it could be okay… but not on next. what about an “report” page? Items in different stages/Boxes?

but as i understand GTD (it must not be the right way!) => check the inbox at hard times… between two check timeoints it is for me not relevant and more items in inbox are better… it means my brain could work and must not remember taks => Everdo dos it for my brain!

so longer i write… please no count at any box (if it could be with a switch?), a Report could be usefull… but i think you have something on your do to list…

The good thing is on iOS we can turn it off from the OS level.

on windows and android where are numbers at boxes… okay… didnt realize that there are numbers :slight_smile:

This is a good point. I think that if you have a process for say, checking email regularly, then it’s better not to have the distraction of badges. But if you don’t have the process then the badges are helpful by pulling your attention.

That’s a nice tip I’m going to actually use, thanks

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