Behavier of tags

I noticed some little issues over the times with tags.

  1. It is really to easy to create two tags with the same name (or typo tags) within a next action. When you want to edit these tags it is very unclear which one is the real one and which the “copy”. Maybe a solution is that the creation of two tags with similar names is impossible. Or an indication in the tag menu, which shows how often this tag is used. This would also be really handy, when you want to go through the tags and want to delete unused/unneeded tags.
  2. When you rename a tag to a existing tagname it doesn’t keep this name (somehow logical), but maybe a info would be nice that the tagname is already in use. I was very confused until i noticed that the name already existed^^

Any new information to this topic? :slight_smile:

Missed this one somehow :slight_smile:

I thought it was already impossible to create duplicate tags… How do you do that?

This is a nice feature. It already exists in the iOS app and I would like it implemented on desktop as well.


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Yeah, it is impossible now^^

Thanks for considering the other features! :slight_smile:

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