Best way to configure repeating task

New to Everdo and have been having a play over the weekend with a view to paying the money if it lives up to expectation, which it is so far doing.

I’m struggling with repeating tasks though. This morning (Monday) I had a weekly scheduled task pop up as expected in the Focus window but the parent repeating task also showed up in Focus, which wasn’t expected.

I want a repeating task that starts on Mondays with a due date of Mondays. Do I configure start date, due date and then “make task repeating” or just use the repeating task dialogue box to set it all up? I want the repeating task to pop up in the focus window on Mondays with a due date of the same day. I don’t want it to appear in any window until Mondays.



If I understand correctly, you want a repeating task with a due date every Monday.

To do this, you set a schedule like this. Notice the Due Date checkbox.

That’s it. A copy of this item will be created every Mon with a correct due date.

If you set a due date on the parent item, it will itself get focused, which is not what you want. I should probably remove the option of setting a due date on a parent scheduled item to avoid this confusion.

Yes, that’s correct.

Yes, that’s the bit I was missing. Now fixed in all my repeating tasks :wink:

Probably. I can’t think why you would want the parent task to appear in the Focus window.