Better tagging with keyboard

This request is two-fold.

  1. I wish the option to create a tag was not the default. Let’s say I have a tag named “Administrative”. If I type “Ad” and then press enter it will create a new tag called “Ad” instead of selecting “Administrative”. I guess this helps new users to create tags but using this software daily it’s incredibly frustrating to me.

  2. I wish that tags could be created inline in the title field, similar to todoist. Typing “#Ad” + enter should set the tag “Administrative”. Again, this would enable a much better workflow. The software is already going that route by all the other commands: Everdo Help / User Manual / Documentation - #3 by Andrei . It seems like the next logical step to me.

On a side-note, I’m still struggling to create tags with the keyboard meaningfully. I almost never add a note or description. So my keyboard typings are: n “title” tab “tag1” down down… enter “tag2” down down… enter tab (to description) tab (to next) enter. In terms of ergonomics I would envision that after tags most people are done and so either press enter immediately within tags (which adds a randomly selected tag at the moment) or press tab to go the save button. With feature request 1 & 2, I would envision the following: n "title “#tag1” enter “#tag2” enter enter.

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I agree that tagging can be improved a lot. I like the idea of inline tags in the title. It seems that would solve all the difficulties you described and fit with the current approach.

The easiest way is to handle tags similarly to inline commands put at the end of the title, for example “New Item #Work :e high” That would be quick to add, but you’d want your tags to be short and easily type-able.

Adding auto-complete/suggestions for inline tags and commands could be implemented as well, at some point, but it’s much more complicated.

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This happens to me a lot to.

A workaround is to use shorter names like “Admin” so it isn’t a chore to type the whole thing.

@Andrei What if you add Ctrl-n and Ctrl-p as alternatives to go down and up the drop-down of tags? This would make it easier to get to longer tags without moving your fingers from home-row.

You can type Ctrl-Enter to save immediately no matter where you are. I found out about this today and it is life-changing :slight_smile:

if we’re using shortcuts, it would be nice to stay consistent with the vim shortcuts, e.g. “j” and “k”. Since they’re alphanumerics, adding ctrl makes sense. Is n & p used anywhere else?

Thanks for the tip about ctrl-enter.

I have to say I really disagree with having to change Administration to Admin. The software should work for me, not the other way round. Given that Andrei has put so much thought into usability it’s a bit disappointing to hear that the inline long tag suggestion will maybe never be implemented.

Personally, I don’t create new tags that often, so I would vote in favor of removing the option to “Press enter to create a tag” option in the drop-down, thus making it easier to apply an existing tag called “Administrative” by just typing “Ad” and hitting Enter.

You could even do fuzzy matching (Typing ‘Amv’ would still match against “Adminstrative”), making it a a breeze to apply existing tags. (see GitHub - junegunn/fzf: A command-line fuzzy finder)

In this case, creating a new tag would have to be done elsewhere, like in the “Manage Tags” window. This could be a problem for people whose workflows involve creating tons of new tags on a regular basis.

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I gave up creating tags in the desktop app altogether because I use emoji for tags. I created them all Google keep and paste them as a single task and then copy paste them from there using the Android app or desktop app .