Birthdays and Anniversaries

What is your preferred method for tracking repeatable events like birthdays and anniversaries in Everdo?

Thank you in advance for sharing.

For the dates that are extremely important or require preparation I will create a yearly repeating action a about a week in advance, something like “Make plans for event” with a due date in a week. But that’s rare, the vast majority of dates are tracked in a calendar, where I think they are more appropriate.


Food for thought: I have a simple document with all the birthdays in (private), for those where we still send out a card. One of the tasks during my weekly review (on my WR checklist :wink:) is to scroll through this list to see if I want to send out a card - works like a charm and makes me look very thoughtful :grinning:.

For my work birthdays, I have them as information on the day itself in my calendar (actually had my assistant put all of the employees in there) - as here it is enough to give a quick call, chat or just walk by their desk and gratulate them.

For me, this works like a charm, and the thought of having these (about 150-200) all in my everdo system is not a good one, it would clutter the system.

Hope that helps!


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