Broken UI while using drag and drop

The user interface can be broken when using drag & drop to move tasks as seen in the picture.

I’m using version 1.2.19 of the Everdo desktop app on Ubuntu. The bug can be replicated as follows:

  1. The side bar must be long enough such that there is a scroll bar.
  2. Click on an inbox item and drag it to the bottom of the screen to e.g. move it to a notebook.
  3. When you move your mouse at the bottom of the screen to make the sidebar scroll down, the whole interface moves upward slightly.

I could only fix this by restarting the application.

Indeed, this seems to happen. I found that maximizing the window resets that UI to normal state. Thanks for reporting this!

On MacOS and Windows all seems to be ok

What desktop environment do you have on Linux?

Sorry for the long wait.
I’m using Gnome with X11 on Ubuntu 19.10.

I have introduced a change that fixed the issue in our Linux testing environment. It should come out in the upcoming update.

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