Bulk Delete and Edit Tags Operations, Waiting For Projects, UI Contrast and Alignment Improvements, and More - Everdo Update 1.3.5

April 20, 2020

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This update looks very good!

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There should be also a way to move items to a particular project in a bulk.

BTW Great update!

Sometimes when I click items one by one to select them all, one item is copied.

Cloning should occur on Ctrl+drag, so maybe that is what is happening?

Yes, you are right. Thanks.

  • Split the parent selection drop-down menu into more sections
  • Improved item layout alignment by changing the position of the repeating action icon

Been hoping for both of these for awhile! Awesome.

I don’t know very well what this new functionality is about…

There should be all parameters to edit in a bulk namely, schedule date, due date, time and energy.