Buying in iOs vs buying on the website


I want to buy Everdo but I don’t know what is the difference between buying the Pro version on the website, and buying it through the iOs app?

Website says “You use the key file to unlock Everdo Pro on all your devices.”, but iOs version says “Unlimited Projects, Notebooks and Areas in the Everdo app for iPhone and iPad.”

Could you clarify if I can buy on iOs and will be able to use pro version on my computer, android phone, etc?

Thank you very much

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When you purchase the Pro version through the website you get a key that can be used to unlock the Pro features both on the desktop and mobile apps. This is the method I used for my purchase, and I use Everdo Pro on Windows and iOS.

The iOS apps allow for purchasing the Pro version for iOS. Given the description and that the price is ~half, that sounds like purchasing it from there will unlock the Pro features only for iPhone & iPad.

The App Store requires the full version of the iOS app to be available as an in-app purchase. At the same time, the App Store forbids to sell a cross-platform license via the app store. Therefore we have an iOS-only price for compliance reasons (in the App Store) and an all-in-one price (on the website), which is the main distribution channel, since clearly the vast majority of users is interested in running on all platforms.


Thank you for the answers :grinning: