Can not sync Desktop to Android using ESS

Hi, I’ve been having the problem for a while. While I can confirm both Android and PC are syncing checking the online status, I cannot pull anything down to Android.

Going through the forums here I noticed another post recommending that I save PC data, delete everything and then force push and pull respectively. This works. Unfortunately, when I load my old data back into PC the android app stops syncing again.

I have hundreds of tasks and it would be extremely tedious to start from scratch again. Any idea what I can do here or what the problem may be?

Please answer the following questions so that I can get a better idea about your issue.

  1. If you create a new item on PC, sync the PC, then sync Android, does the new item appear on Android?
  2. Same as 1 but in the other direction.
  3. If you run “Pull” on the phone, what happens?
  4. Can you reinstall the app on Android and use the automatic pairing workflow to re-configure ESS sync?
  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Nothing happens
  4. Nothing changes

In (2) do you mean that you see changes getting synced from Android to PC?

In (4) do you get all the items synced from PC to Android initially?

Yes i see changed getting synced from android to PC but not PC to android. No items from PC end up to android

Unfortunately, the logs on the sync server side indicate that your Android device does receive the updates. Please perform the following steps exactly, so that I can better trace the issue.

  1. Disable automatic sync on both Android and PC.
  2. Write down the current time.
  3. Android: Navigate to Inbox and create a new inbox item, for example “TEST ITEM”
  4. Android: Manually initiate a sync (by a swiping down gesture). Make sure you get a “Sync Complete” notification before proceeding.
  5. PC: Manually initiate a sync (“Sync Once” in Settings)
  6. PC: Navigate to Inbox and rename “TEST ITEM” to something else.
  7. PC: Manually initiate a sync.
  8. Android: Manually initiate a sync
  9. Android: Navigate to inbox and check if the item is updated.
  10. Write down the current time.

Please send me the timestamps, as well as your timezone from steps (2) and (10) and any observations that don’t correspond to expected behavior.

1103 (UTC +10)
1105 (UTC +10)

The item successfully synced with PC and changed names when synced again with android.

So in this case everything did work as expected? If yes, then we need to determine a simple case where sync does not work as expected.

Yes everything worked as expected. But the pre-existing tasks on the PC side didn’t transfer. The PC sync only changed the details of the one synced task

Hi Andrei,
Just following up on a reply.

Sorry for taking a while Vanessa, it’s very difficult to diagnose this. I still have some ideas, hopefully I will have news soon.