Cannot properly un-archive a project

This is a minor bug. I have discovered a way to make projects not appear on the left panel after the are un-archived.

To reproduce:

  • Create a project. Give it a distinct name, so you can search for it easily.
  • complete a project by ticking the tickbox on the left of its name.
  • Go to Archive and run the Archive function
  • From the Archive, find and open the project, and then set it to active.

Although the project can now be seen in the drop down for Action items, or it can be searched, it never appears on the left Project panel.

Restarting the app doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Using 1.2.0 Pro.

A workaround it to search for the project in the search results un-tick the project. That should bring it back.

so maybe it’s not a bug but rather intended behaviour? Anyway, all good :slight_smile:

Can’t verify right now, but I would expect the project to appear at the bottom of the navigation list (in the the collapsed part) because it’s still marked as completed, despite no longer being archived.

If that’s the case, then it’s probably by design. Although it may indeed be more intuitive for the re-activation to un-complete the project automatically.

Verified this behavior is indeed what happens. I think it’s best to leave it as it is. Archiving a project means moving an already completed project to the archive. Let un-archiving simply mean the opposite - taking a completed project out of the archive.