Cannot sync Samsung S6 to Everdo using ESS

Hi. Having successfully set-up and paid-for my ESS account, I am unable to use either the QR code sync or the manual sync on my Samsung Galaxy S6, as:

  • with the QR code, the image is successfully read (“Valid Data Received”) but then I am given the response: “Error: Pairing failed: Communication error.”

  • with the manual configuration, when I type-in my ESS username/password and hit “Sign In”, I get the response: “sign in error CertPathValidatorException: Trust anchor for certification path not found.”

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Many thanks


Hello, please try signing it again. Either manual, or QR code should work the same.

Hi Andrei. i tried again, but unfortunately neither option is working.

Is this an issue with the age of my handset or the version of Android (7.0) that I am using? If you or anyone can give me some advice, I’d be very grateful.

Many thanks


This is very likely related to the older Android version.
Are you able to open in the browser on the phone? Are there any errors?

Hi Andrei. The Everdo sync login page will not recognise my correct name/password as correct, so I am unable to log into it from my phone. I’ve tried repeated times

Hi Andrei. Apologies but I still can’t sync Everdo between my Mac and Android phone. Any further suggestions?

Hello Shaun, sorry about the delay, I will send you a PM to continue this discussion.