Can't open - white empty window

Hi guys, I have just intalled Win 64b (on Win7 Pro 64 bit). But when I run it I see just empty white Everdo window. Help me. What is wrong?

Hello Tomek.

Have you installed version 1.4.1 from website?

Were you able to start the application at least once?

If you don’t have any data in Everdo yet, then you could try deleting the contents of the data directory and start the app again.

  1. Yes, v. 1.4.1 downloaded yesterday
  2. No, white screen from the first time.
  3. Deleted whole directory, after that I had to reinstall Everdo, and unfortunately no changes, I see just white screen, as below.

There is no known issue that could cause this. I have sent you some diagnostics instructions via PM.

This appears to have been fixed by using the --disable-gpu switch when running the app.

Yes, I just added this to shortcut properties: “C:\Program Files\Everdo\Everdo.exe” --disable-gpu
Thanks a lot!