Capture with everdo


Something I often miss with everdo is the ability to capture a passage of text or a site from my browser. On Android it’s easier with the share function, but on the desktop application…
How do you handle this?

Soon you will be able to configure a global shortcut to quickly capture inbox items without switching to the app directly. This feature is complete, but the overall release is not live yet.


Great !!!

Hi @Andrei

Do you have a date in mind for the release of this wonderful feature?

Just to make you a bit jealous. It works like a charm and is so tremendously useful. I use it all the time. Sorry I couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:laughing: You owe me an apology and a beer. :wink:

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would love to have a :beer: or two, if you are around Stuttgart/Germany anytime

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Looks like there are no serious issues in testing so far, so I hope very soon.


The ctrl+e capture feature for desktops is a partial solution to this. The initial poster’s use case is:

User sees some information (passage of text, or in my case a URL) and would like that to get into Everdo efficiently.

Currently ctrl+e only exposes the task title. Ideally the popup would come up with 2 fields:

  1. Task title
    This would be as it is currently, and would have focus so the user could type immediately without any initial mouse or keyboard movements to select the field. n.b. currently when the user is in some sort of editing in another application and ctrl+e is pressed, this field isn’t focused. This is annoying as it is ideal to press ctrl+e and type the thought rather than ctrl+e, mouse to field then type thought. When in display only views of other apps, the field is focused correctly.

  2. Notes field
    This would come up prepopulated with the contents of the copy/paste buffer. Putting a text passage or a url in the task title is suboptimal. In Everdo, user has to move the text over to the Notes, and remember what they were thinking at the time and type that into the title.

Optional: Some users may wish options for some preprocessing (depending on GTD philosophy) e.g. ability to specify Tags, Time, Energy, Project, Sort of Action from within the popup. These would be only options and wouldn’t change the capture workflow unless the user specifically selected these.