Checking off items in a checklist through keyboard shortcut


I would like to ask if there is a keyboard shortcut for checking off items in a checklist?

I’ve searched everywhere here and can’t seem to find any hints about it.

A tedious work around that I could think goes like this:

  • Edit the item (press Enter).
  • Press tab until I reach the notes area.
  • Manually edit each item in the checklist denoted by ‘-’ to ‘x’.

The easier route: reach for mouse and check them off.

If the feature does not exist, I hope it could be considered in future updates.

That doesn’t exist, unfortunately.

Would love to add, but I don’t quite see how it might be done.

Thank you for the clarification. I thought I’m just not aware of it whether it exists or not.

Me too, I think it would be non-trivial to implement given how things are.

I’m looking forward to future improvements in keyboard shortcuts (if any). Again thank you for making this feature one of the highlights.

Definitely. Some great ones are still to be added.

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