Checklist changes reverted after opening the edit view

I use the checklist feature in notes frequently, and have problems with it while using ESS sync, especially on my iPhone and iPad.

Let’s say I have five items in the checklist, and I check off three. Within seconds, assuming when the sync refreshes, I’ll have 5 empty checkboxes again. When I recheck the 3 items, within seconds I’ll lose the check on, say, 2 items. It seems pretty random.

I’ve tried checking items and then closing the note, or checking the items and swiping down to refresh, but it seems to work as expected only sporadically.

I tested using Everdo open on iPhone, iPad and Desktop, and then open only on iPad, and it didn’t seem to make a difference.

This is definitely unusual and not something that was ever reported. If you notice something specific about the circumstances when this does/does not occur, please describe.

Here’s what happened when I tested an action item: When I display the notes and check two boxes, then enter the edit mode, I should see two x’s in the list, but I see a dash for one and an x for the other. When I close edit mode, I briefly see two checks but then one disappears.

Similar behavior occurs when I check the boxes, close the notes display (triangle next to star), then re-open notes display. The behavior seems random and unpredictable.

I just tried disabling sync, and I’m still getting the same behavior, so it doesn’t look like ESS is involved.

Thank you for providing the details.

I was able to reproduce this one, but it only occurs if I go to the edit screen within a second of modifying the check boxes. If I wait for 1-2 seconds, everything works as expected. Does this match your experience?

I was not able to reproduce this one no matter how many times I tried, but it’s probably caused by the same underlying issues as the first one.

Yes, looks like sync has nothing to do with this.

I’m going to create a bug ticket to investigate this.

I did a quick test to see if waiting about 5 seconds to switch to edit view would change the outcome, and it did not. Same with closing/opening notes view.

Here’s a weird variation, maybe this will help track it down:

I have a daily recurring task with a large checklist of about 45 items, so it creates a blank list every day that shows up in Focus. On my iPad, I checked 6 boxes, and let it be for 10 seconds or so. No changes, all good. Then I picked up my iPhone, opened Everdo and waiting for it to sync. As soon as it did, I opened the recurring task on the iPhone and saw that only 2 boxes were checked. A second later my iPad synced, and only two boxes were checked there as well.

I think this is why I originally thought it was a sync issue.

There are times when checkboxes can change without going into notes edit or changing notes view.

I had my iPad and iPhone next to each other with the task note open in both, and I had checked 6 boxes minutes ago. The notes matched on both devices. I unchecked all six boxes on the iPhone, and waited. After several seconds, 4 boxes unchecked on the iPad, leaving 2 checked. The iPhone showed no boxes checked for 15-20 seconds, until 2 boxes checked, matching the iPad.

I think a very large checklist is key to this issue, and the reason it was not reported before. I tried, and there’s definitely something funky going on, unlike with a small checklist.

I’ve also noted this problem quite a while and it’s usually when I have a shopping list with many items, so the many items theory seems correct.

This is being investigated. So far it’s certain that some checkbox events are being lost randomly, which leads to the updated checklist not being saved (even though it appears to have been changed in the UI).

Sync on the other hand work correctly by reverting the state of the UI to the last saved state.

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