Checklists don't appear to be working?

Good evening. I’m running Everdo 1.8.5 (Pro) on windows and I am having trouble with the checklists. Perhaps I don’t correctly understand what they’re supposed to do. In a task description, I enter items on their own lines that start with "- ", so like “- item 1”, “- item 2”, and so-on. These should render as checklists when I save and come back, correct?

Should a checklist have a checkbox or some other way to mark them when they’re done?

I’ll try to upload a screenshot so you can point out my mistake :wink:

Thanks in advance for the help!
Screenshot 2023-10-04 214111

The checkboxes render after hitting the save button. If you are in edit-mode, it will be a “-”.

Hello @Illumin123. Thank you for replying. This is a task that I’ve written, saved, and then re-opened. The “-” characters you see have never changed. What am I doing wrong?


I’ve figured out what I’m doing wrong! I’ve got quite a lot of actions, so I set my Everdo up to “hide notes by default”, which makes the checklist task look like this in my list of tasks:

If I turn that setting off, the task renders the full checklist and other notes in the list of tasks. I didn’t realize that was the only place you could actually see the checklist as a checklist:

So, now I understand the problem. It is unfortunate for me, because I like the compact list form and typically open my tasks when I want to know more about them or see my notes. I’d like to have the checklist render when the task is open.

I usually only open when I have to edit. When looking through my lists, the rendered note inside the list is fine for me.

You know you can open the details of the current selected task by clicking that little arrow? Or by pressing cursor right/left.

  1. There is a hide/show notes default setting
  2. You can hide/show all notes of the current view.
  3. You can hide/show the note of the current selected item like described abive