Clean view of specific horizons or quarterly goals on focus list page

GTD talks about higher horizons to get perspective on your life, and make sure that what your doing is in alignment with your goals. I think this is a step that can easily get left out of many people’s GTD system. There’s a nice explanation of how to list this out on Everdo in a notebook (
I currently use my ‘Purpose statement’ as well as a list of my 8 week goals (following suggestion from the book The 12 Week Year). I find the ‘focus’ list to be the perfect place to put it as I see it regularly, and can see whether the actions I’m focusing are are getting me closer to my explicit chosen goals, or if they are distractions. This said, it would be really nice if these horizons/goals were not treated as just another action in the middle of a list, but rather were either ‘stickied’ on top, or in their own pane or something so they can’t be missed. Would something like this be possible?

I’m probably not 100% sure what you mean (the link is not working), but If you pull some note to the top of the focus list, they usually stay at the top.

Apologies, the link was meant to be to your article: Horizons: A Framework For Gaining Clarity And Direction in Work and Life- Everdo .

The suggestion is just some sort of dedicated view for your horizons or goals, or whatever, on your ‘focus’ list. So every time you’re seeing what you’re focusing on, you also see what you ‘should’ be focusing on based on your longer term perspectives (in my case, 12 week goals).

I see, so why not stick a note at the top of the focus list?