Clickable local Evernote links

Evernote links come in http version and in local evernote protocol ones, like so:


These aren’t clickable. Not sure if that’s an Evernote issue or something Everdo has to add/change.

Both running on Windows 10

A few questions, since I don’t use Evernote:

  1. Would this link work if you were to open it in the web browser? If so, then it can likely be done.
  2. Any other apps (you are aware of) do this sort of integration with the Evernote client? If so then again it should be possible.
  1. No, I don’t see it working
  2. Not sure

Reading up about it, apparently Evernote’s (Windows) intended behavior is that evernote:/// links (classic note links as they call them) are in app and that anywhere else it pastes a https link.

In practice, for other users, if you use the keyboard shortcut CTRL ALT L you’ll always end up with a classic evernote:/// link. If you right-click the note and select the menu item, pasting the links outside Evernote will generate a https link

Did you try it? Found an official page that claims such links should work at least in href attributes. Quote from the article:

If this link is opened in a browser it will open the Evernote application and if the note is present in the users account it will open that specific note. If the user does not have access to the note an error message from the Evernote application will appear informing the user that the note could not be found.
On Evernote Desktop clients (OS X and Windows) these links are generated when a note link is copied and pasted into another note and when a user right clicks on a note and holds down the alt or option key and selects “Copy Classic Note Link”.

Ah that’s it. I tried pasting it in the address bar and that just initiated a search.

Made a html file with

<a href="{evernote link}">

…and when clicked in the browser, that opens Evernote (desktop) and goes to the right note.

In this case it should be possible from the app as well, the app just need to recognize Evernote links and present them in the same way as http:// and file:/// links. Will give it a try.

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OK this is done. Coming out next week. Anyone who needs it ASAP please PM me for early access.

Edit: Released in Everdo Update 0.16.0 - Modify Time/Energy and More Usability Improvements

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