Clicking on another item / list when editing an item discards changes without confirmation

In the desktop app, if you edit an item and then click on something else (e.g. another item or another list), any changes made to the item you had open will be discarded without confirmation.

Example: I want to add a note to a notebook item with points I want to raise during an upcoming meeting. While editing, I want to copy something from a TODO item in my “Next” list. So I click on the “Next” list, and then I bite myself because the text I had already written is discarded.

I think one of the following would solve this:

  • When navigating away from an item that was edited, by any other means than using the “Cancel” button, pops up a dialog asking whether to discard, save, or cancel navigation
  • Changes are always saved (remove save / cancel buttons entirely), but each item gains an undo history
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jep, I totally agree, see Navigation guard when editing tasks to avoid data loss - #2 by JorgB for further discussion.


Thanks, watching that topic now (looks like I didn’t search enough first).