Collapse or not collapse // sort by the tasks: focus, alphabetical


I use every day everdo now. :slight_smile:
There is really a point that makes me waste time … all the time :woozy_face:
When I’m browsing, I have to click on “collapse all” to see all the grouped tasks.
Can you program default collapse (or configuraiton if other need) (and change the state switch in one click without doing any select!).
Possibly keep in mind, the state of the lists if in the open session

While I am there, I would like to have
a/ an alphabetical sorting of the tasks, that would allow me to order them by order of priority for the long list 1 - dsds, 2 - sddsds …
b/ sort by the tasks that have the focus (star)

Should we put them here or in the roadmap?

Plus one for collapsing
Minus one for sorting. I prefer to see my next actions either in an order they were added or my own manual order. What you suggested is ok but only as an opinion:)


of course if you do not click the sort button a) or b)
→ you stay on the default sort, nothing should move :slight_smile:

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Also +1 for collapsing and for sorting (probably just as an option). Especially in the app this is really annoying. But in the app I can switch this by just clicking one time on the icon - at the pc I have to click twice.

+1 for sorting, both projects and tasks. Could be done similar as the group option (default/by project) but with the options manual/alphabetical/date(?)