Collapsing and expanding notes doesn't work instantly


when I click either on a little triangle or expand/collapse notes option nothing happens.
But when I change the view and back to the previous one (one where I have a task with a note) than the note is expanded properly.

It looks like there is a problem with UI responding or refreshing.


  1. click to expand note. Nothing happens
  2. change the view to a different list
  3. back to the original list. The note is already expanded

It’s difficult to replicate this issue reliably. Looks like in testing it always works properly. But I did notice it a couple of times when using the app. It’s always gone after a restart. Would be really great to get any insight on what may trigger it. It’s definitely not a simple coding error - something weird is going on with the underlying tech.

I’ve been noticing the same. Seems like it might be ‘view’ related. Imagine the following case:

  1. Find an element that doesnt collaps/expand on clicking the triangle
  2. Switch to a different project
  3. Switch back to the project that contains the element that doesnt collapse/expand
  4. Now it’s changed and is either collapsed or vice versa

PS re 1. When clicking it multiple times the element seems to switch ‘internal state’ multiple times and updates upon reloading the project. No restart necessary.

Hope that helps!

I get that sometimes as well, just closing and opening the app fixes it

I have a few next actions on which the collapse arrow does not work and the notes sections stays open permanently. Collapse all also does not work for those items.
One item is a waiting for and the other a simple action, both are set as focus.

If needed I can send you the note contents via pm. Just let me know.

Your issue seems to be the same as the one discussed here. Please try re-opening the app and see what happen.

I haven’t been able to focus on this bug again since the last attempt at resolving it. But the problem is known and will be addressed.