Command line interface for creating tasks


I’m currently shopping around for a GTD replacement for my current application. Everdo looks nice, because of its support for Linux.

However, can I add tasks in everdo via a command line interface or some other mechanism (e.g., POST or something)?

I would like to use macros from other applications to create new tasks in everdo. I don’t want things like list or search tasks through the CLI, but of course, that would be nice as well.



Extensibility via an HTTP API is definitely one of the wanted features. It’s not available yet, but planned for the next iteration of core app improvements, which will start after the iOS app is looking good.

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Do plan something like
everdo.exe /i "new input"

This is definitely possible, but I as always, I would like to understand the context when it would be useful or preferable. Because there are different approaches to extensibility and only a few can be chosen.

Since Everdo already has a built-in web server for local network sync, providing an API is relatively easy and it’s much more flexible than shell commands.

Is there a documentation of the using of the API?

Unfortunately, the API work was de-prioritized, so it is unreleased yet. The good news is a very basic API for item creation is currently on the high priority list.


Is there any news on this subject? It would be really useful to be able to configure a global keyboard shortcut on the PC that would allow to open the “inbox” dialog window from anywhere :wink:
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There is an HTTP API for capturing simple items, please take a look at the docs here API | Everdo Help