Confused about import

I am a bit confused about the import feature. Everdo is very clearly intended to be an exact clone of Nirvana. Yet, when I try to import the JSON file exported from Nirvana, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Hey there!

Unfortunately, at this time Everdo cannot import JSON coming straight from other apps. The import feature only works with data in the format as it is exported from Everdo.

Originally we wanted to make it possible to import data from some of the most popular apps, but ran into some trouble.
Certain apps simply don’t export enough data to make a full migration possible, leaving a lot to manual work, which defeats the purpose.

Thanks for the response. I was not necessarily talking about importing data from random other apps, but more specifically from the app that Everdo is based on (Nirvana). Given the relation between the two applications, it gives the user the impression that this should just work.