Confusing name ordering between Desktop and iOS

I’m not sure if this is a bug but definitely it’s confusing.
If we have two contexts named as follow: @call, @_call
we get different sorting on the left side panel, dependently on OS.
The desktop app sorting:
The iOS app sorting:

Next thing is how Everdo sorts names of Areas. The desktop app seems to use typical alphabetical sorting. It ignores letters case.
The iOS puts at the top all names with capital letters and then names with lower case.

Another thing is sorting names of tags on the top filter panel. The desktop app keeps the same sorting as it is everywhere else. The iOS app has an unpredictable sorting for me. At first glance, it seems to be the same as it is in the desktop app (different than iOS context panel sorting has) but tags with names consist of capital letters are put somewhere in the middle of the list.

It seems that the iOS app has inconsistencies. Thank you for writing up the concrete examples, that will help a lot.