Contacts section on the side panel

I would love to see a contact section on the side panel.
The same as context section but with contact tags. Just under context section and before notebooks :slight_smile:
Easy access to contacts rather than looking among many tags and easy section collapsing if not needed.

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I’m also interested in this feature. Great suggestion!

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Would be great to understand the use case for this.

As a workaround, you could name some of your contacts with β€˜@’.

I’m working as COO and my typical working day involves many contacts with other employees.
I have a lot of delegated task on my Waiting for list and at the same time a lot of tasks which are tagged by those contacts on my Next list. Countless time I have to just press contact as a global filter to see which tasks I’m waiting for from a particular person and which task involving that person are on my list - just to be discussed. It would be very convenient to have quick access to list consist of only from contacts.

Frankly, if I could choose which one I would like to have in my side panel I would choose contacts, not contexts. I know that I can use @ only with contacts and achieve this but I feel uncomfortable with such a solution :wink:

Personally, for me, it is a kind of deal maker feature.

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I did some tests and I almost come around to the current context feature.

It works like favourites where we can put the most used tags/contacts.

The only problem that I have is the fact that I work logically not alphabetically. For me, it is a total mess when I have mixed tags, areas, contacts together within one list with alphabetical order.
The only way to distinguish them and get proper order is to use special characters like _, ^, &, # for each type of tag.

The same issue that I have with fitler panel and tags order on it.

Maybe instead of creating new section for contacts, you can list firstly tags, then contacts and then areas or whatever order you like but grouped by type? Within each group alphabetical order naturally.

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I’d like to see a grouped tag cloud, too.
The groups should be collapsable, though.

It seems like the whole problem would be solved by ordering the tags according to the type?

Area A Area B | contact 1 contact 2 | label 1 label 2

Both in the navigation section and the filter section.

That is what I’m talking about. As easy as that.
I would love that solution !!!

The same should be done when it comes to the item/task itself. It this case areas tags should be listed from the very right side. The reason for this is simple. Areas tags are global ones. If we set Everdo to show one area it is obvious that every item has this tag. Having them on the right side is less distracting to the whole view.

Any updates in this one?
It’s related to Context tags need to sort in front of areas - #10 by manu