Context Menu Item in Android

In the Android app it would be nice to have Contexts appear in the drop down menu with Projects and Notebooks the same way they do in the desktop version.

Right now the only way to get to your contexts is to go through the tags menu. While that’s not difficult it does add another step that’s not found in the desktop version.

A use case example would be: Having a shopping list with a context for each type of store the item is found at. As I think of things I need I make a note in my inbox and then assign a context of the type of store the item is found at; @Grocery, @MassMerch, @Online, @HomeImprov, etc. Then when I’m out I can easily bring up my list for the store I’m at.

I understand what you mean. The navigation menu is indeed “simplified” in the current state of the Android app, which adds some friction. It was done so to speed up the original release without compromising on functionality too much, considering that the primary focus for the mobile app was capture. The ideal of course would be to re-implement the menu completely, bringing it to parity with the desktop and iOS apps.

It’s not a game breaker, just a would be nice to have feature. I’m not sure it would even be of use to anyone else.